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Quafftide or Quaff-tide

Quafftide or Quaff-tide (KWAF-tyde) Noun: -The time or season for drinking. Use in place of: -Beer-thirty -Miller Time -Happy Hour -Tipple Time From quaff - To drink a beverage, especially an alcoholic one. Of uncertain origin. First used circa 1515. Used in a sentence: Quafftide comes but once a year, So let’s all be filled with pleasant cheer! Hie we all to the rathskeller now, Before the white serjeant takes her bow! The knocker-up comes at five, Then back to work we all must strive!” or, perhaps… Quafftide comes just once a day, So let’s hit the bars, out late we’ll stay! Happy hour is far too short, For brandy, sherry or rosé port. So gimme some Jager or Guiness Stout, And let’s make some noise & give a shout!”

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