Grandiloquent Word of the Day presents the 2018 "Sesquipedalian Menology" 12 month wall calendar. 12" x 9"
Each month features words of such grandiloquence, such magnificence, that you shall astound and confound your colleagues. The illustrations are thoughtfully curated from sumptuously detailed 15th-16th century engravings. A beautifully detailed “Lunar Cycles” chart, together with the “Heliocentric Simulacrum” (a rather efficacious visual orrery of the reciprocal interposition of the ecliptic interplay between the Sun, Earth, and Moon, as well as relevant equinoctial periods ) keeps you in the celestial know. And if this breathtaking bounty weren’t enough…every day features a fun festivity! Holidays both beloved and bizarre are displayed for your daily delight. Pop open a bottle of your finest and say “cheers” with this quotidian quafftide feature!

2018 Wall Calendar - "The Sesquipedalian Menology"

  • 12 month wall calendar. 12" x 9" (closed) 12" x 18" (hanging open).

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