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-Delicately small and pretty.

-Delicate and graceful in build or movement.

-(of food) particularly good to eat.

-Fastidious or difficult to please.


-Something good to eat; a delicacy.

From ”dainty” (adj.) “deinte", (delightful, pleasing,) from dainty (n.). Meaning evolved in Middle English to "choice, excellent" (late 14c.) to "delicately pretty.” 13th century.

Used in a sentence:

“Oh stop being so daint and get your bike back from that bounder!”


“Oh these biscuits are SO daint!”

(or as a noun)

“I’ve brought a boodle of daints to share!”

There is nothing more daint than a Transdimensional Galactic Unicorn! Get yours here! :)

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