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Lexiphanicism (LEX-ih-FAN-ih-siz-im) Noun -The use of excessively learned and bombastic vocabulary or phraseology in a pretentious and showy fashion. -An instance or example of such vocabulary or phraseology. -The habit of using a pompous or turgid style in speaking or writing. -The use of pretentious words, language, or style. Adjective form: Lexiphanic. From Lexiphanes, (a character in Lexiphanes by Lucian) From Greek lexikos (pertaining to words). + -phane (word-forming element meaning having the appearance of), from Greek -phanes, from phainein (to show), phainesthai (to appear). Used in a sentence: “Thanks to the tutelage of Grandiloquent Word of the Day, my lexiphanicism has far exceeded even my greatest aspirations.”

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