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Sirenize (SYI-ren-ize)


-To bewitch, allure or enchant.

-To allure, esp by melodious singing.

-To use the enticements of a siren; to act as a siren; to fascinate.

From Siren - “a sea nymph who by her singing lures sailors to their destruction," from Old French sereine (12c., Modern French sirène) and directly from Latin Siren (Late Latin Sirena), from Greek Seiren - one of the Seirenes, mythical sisters who enticed sailors to their deaths with their songs, also in Greek "a deceitful woman," perhaps literally "binder, entangler," from “seira" meaning cord or rope.

Used in a sentence:

“The lachrymogenic Lulubelle LeBelle, a rather melismatic busker, known locally as the subway sirenizer, would make more money if only she were more melodious than malodorous.”

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