Sprauncy (Sproncy)

Sprauncy (Sproncy) (sp’RAWN-see or shp’RAWN-see) Adjective: -Smart or showy in appearance; dapper. -Showily dressed; fashionable. Verb form: Spraunce or Spronce -To show off, especially by your choice of clothes. Use instead of: -Dapper -Dolled or Gussied up -On fleek Origin uncertain. Two possible, but unrelated etymologies exist for this word. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests 'sprauncy' is perhaps related to (slang) “sprouncey” meaning cheerful, which The English Dialect Dictionary is garnered from The Ancient Language and Dialect of Cornwall (F.W.P. Jago, 1882) However, sprauncy is also, it appears, “one of those unusual Jewish words that appears to be a genuinely original invention of British Jews. -sprauncy connotes something between stylish and opulent.” This comes from: http://www.thejc.com/judaism/jewish-words/sprauncy if you care to read the full text. Used in a sentence: “Well would you just look at sprauncy Mr. La-dee-da there with his surtout and top hat, who does he think he’s fooling?”

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