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-Fond of sensuous luxury or opulent pleasure; self-indulgent.

-Hedonistic, debauched, libertine.

From sybarite - denoting an inhabitant of Sybaris, an ancient Greek city noted for luxury: via Latin from Greek Subaritēs. Mid 16th century.

Used in a sentence:

“Seeming never to have heard of the French Revolution, their sybaritic lifestyle continued unabated until, inevitably, history was repeated.”​

People described as being Sybaritic generally ascribe to the YOLO (You Only Live Once) philosophy, so popular among the social media crowd.

Life is short, make the best of it! For example, Friday, June 1st 2018 is National Doughnut Day! Our gift shop has the perfect way to celebrate:

"Life Is Entirely Too Short for Stale Donuts Funny T-Shirt"


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