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Creator & Proprietor

My name is Jason Travis Ott. I am the creator and proprietor of Grandiloquent Word of the Day.

I originally created G.W.O.T.D. because I envisioned an online community where like-minded logophiles gathered to enjoy extravagant and fanciful words that could be incorporated into everyday life, and to make these treasures that so often fall out of use viable once more. It's also ever so fun to casually drop them into conversations, especially where a bit of jocular obfuscation is desirable!

Your loyal readership has been the driving force behind this Grandiloquent journey.


My Background

I have a BFA from the University of Northern Iowa, where my major was Graphic Design/Illustration with a minor in Sculpture. I work as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer, and do my artwork on the side. I have been working digitally for a few years now. I like to explore themes of a more esoteric nature.

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For me, the process of artistic creation is a dialogue with The Self. Each finished piece is an answer to a question that I didn't even know how to ask, in the hope of defining that which could not otherwise be known. Creating art is a very time-consuming prospect for me, because there are no easy answers as I struggle with my Higher Self. Creating art is like a form of shamanic meditation wherein I am able to divine an expression of ultimate reality.

The resulting artistic manifestation has the ability to emancipate the participants, artist and viewer alike, and exalt them above the mediocrity of day-to-day life. As an antidote for the spiritual ills of our contemporary lives, art heals us, delights us, bemuses us and imparts a sense of nobility and honor.

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