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Does your soul delight in the glorious aesthetics of Vintage/Retro, Victorian, Steampunk, and Medieval sensibilities? You've come to the right place! Welcome to Grandiloquent Graphic Design - for any and all of your design desires.

With my 20+ years of experience as a graphic designer and artist, and your project ideas, we can collaboratively bring your creative concepts to life:

  • Wedding invitations

  • Baby and bridal shower invitations

  • Birth and graduation announcements

  • Logos for musicians, retail establishments, and other businesses

  • Branding packages, including custom elements for social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Book, CD, and DVD covers (for both physical product and digital formats)

  • Web site elements such as custom banners

  • Promotional items

  • Custom elements to jazz up your next Kickstarter campaign

  • Illustrations and portraits (people, pets, imaginary friends...)

While I do gravitate toward the look used for both the Grandiloquent Word of the Day social media sites and calendars, I’m well versed in many styles.  Let’s work together to create the project of your dreams!

I'd love to learn more about your design needs. Please fill in the form below the images, and I'll be in touch to discuss the details. I look forward to creating together!

Thank you - we will contact you very soon!

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