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Unctuous (UNGK-choo-uhs) Adjective: -Unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech. -Displaying insincere earnestness or piousness; oily. -Having a greasy or soapy feel. A gold digging honeyfuggler would be just one possible example. From Latin unctum (ointment), from unguere (to anoint). Earliest documented use: 1387. Notice the "oily" origin of this word… which is where the association with "oiliness" comes from, like someone trying to “butter you up” to try and get something that they want from you. It's more accurate to say that they are “lubing you up” because something unpleasant is about to transpire… Used in a sentence: “He’s a seemingly oxymoronic combination of unctuous and obstreperous.”

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